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‘Anonymous’ Member Unmasked, Charged With Web Attack on Scientology

Posted in Anonymous, attack, charged, cyber attack, cyber terrorists, DDoS, Department of Justice, distributed denial of service, Guzner, Justice Department, New Jersey, online attacks, Pekka, scientology, troublemaker, underground group, websites on October 17, 2008 by secretdox

‘Anonymous’ Member Unmasked, Charged With Web Attack on Scientology stated: “An 18 year-old New Jersey man agreed to plead guilty to federal computer hacking charges Friday for participating in a denial-of-service attack against Church of Scientology websites, as part of collective of online troublemakers known as “Anonymous.”

I think they are a bit more than trouble-makers.  I think anyone charged for DDOS’ing a website is more than just a “trouble-maker.”  How about cyber-terrorists?  Didn’t Dmitriy Guzner just get criminally charged for doing that by the Department of Justice?

There was also Pekka.  How many kids did he kill in the name of Anonymous again?