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Mahalo re Dmitriy Guzner

Posted in Anonymous, attack, charged, church of scientology, cyber terrorists, DDoS, distributed denial of service, Guzner, hacker, hacking, mahalo, online attacks, scientology, websites on October 18, 2008 by secretdox

Mahalo re Dmitriy Guzner

I just found an interesting website concerning the Anonymous cyber-terrorist Dmitriy Guzner.  You can find it at

On the site, it states: “Dmitriy Guzner was charged on October 17, 2008, with hacking the website of the Church of Scientology in March 2008. Guzner has said he is a member of the group Anonymous, which has coordinated several hacker attacks on the Scientology website and other sites.”

It appears to lay out the facts pretty well and seems to get updated often too.