NJ teen charged with hacking Scientology Web sites

NJ teen charged with hacking Scientology Web sites

Seems like the San Jose Mercury News has discovered too that a New Jersey man named Dmitriy Guzner was involved in DDoS’ing the Church of Scientology’s servers back in January. 

The article states: “The U.S. attorney’s office said Friday that Dmitriy Guzner claims to be a member of an Internet-based group called “Anonymous,” which leads protests against the Church of Scientology for allegedly trying to silence its critics through lawsuits.”  

I don’t know how many cyber-terrorists attend protests, and I don’t know if Guzner was one of them, but this is quite likely.  One person who seems to know the ways of Anonymous said: “Anonymous is a group of mostly college-type kids who are involved in cyber crimes, online pornography and have an anarchistic view towards religion.”

The Church of Scientology initially responded to Anonymous months ago by distributing a documentary exposing the crimes of Anonymous. Looks like now some of them are now getting caught.


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